Homework 2/16/2017

  • Jace has a Current Event due on Tuesday.
  • Tiana Evans (5C) has a Current Event on Tuesday.
  • Continue working on your Black History Month projects…you can bring yours in as soon as you are done, however, I’d like to have them all in by the last week of February, preferably by the 24th, 27th, and 28th.  If you have any questions just let me know.


Writing– complete Lesson 10 in your Common Core Workbook

By this time you should have completed your 5 paragraph rough draft and had it peer reviewed by at least one other student in class.  Every page in your workbook up until the Publishing section on pg. 218 should be completed.

For this weekend, please complete the Publishing exercise on pg. 218.  Your final draft should not be exactly the same as your rough draft, rather, it should reflect the ideas and suggestions given to you by your peers as well as any ideas/strategies that you’ve learned in class.

***If you don’t submit your rough draft along with your final AND have all the workbook pages filled out, expect to lose a lot of credit off the top (-20 for no rough draft).

  • Make sure that you draw the portraits or a scene depicting the characters from Rip Van Winkle in order to supplement your essay.  If you can type your final draft, please do so as this activity will be posted in the hallway.


Math– 5B Workbook pgs. 5-8…we began this in class today so there shouldn’t be much to complete over the weekend.


Social StudiesChapter 6 Review and Test will be next week.


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