Homework 2/22/2017

Math– we’ll begin our Chapter 8 Review tomorrow, Lessons 1-3 with a short assessment on Friday.


Reading– read the 1 side of the March on Washington worksheet (you don’t have to summarize the passage, just underline the key information/supporting details


Social Studies– we’ll continue with our Chapter 6 Review tomorrow, Lesson 2

Today we got through Lesson 1 – I’ll post some of the notes that we took below although they are a bit rough and will continue to be worked on over the next couple of days.  The expectation is that we’ll have the 5S Social Studies Test on Monday. 


Writing– March on Washington worksheet (the 2nd side)

Decorate/color the side that asks you to draw yourself among the marchers an d create a message of freedom on the sign you’re holding.

  • Write 1 paragraph explaining why you made the sign you chose and try to persuade us as to why your message is the right one.
  • Write a 2nd paragraph explaining why people might disagree with you…too often we stay in our own camps and don’t listen to the opposing side, for this paragraph try and put yourself in someone else’s shoes.
  • I showed you Lauryn’s work as an example today before you left…the idea is to decorate the door and hallway with positive messages that we can all get behind and support.

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