PARCC Practice

Below are two links for Math and Language Arts Practice for the upcoming PARCC Exam.

The PDFs posted below consist of information from all units that may be covered on the test.  Over the next weeks, I will be incorporating all of this material into my lessons in some form or fashion, we will be spending some time away from the text to make sure that the kids are prepared regarding how to take the actual test itself, and I will mix in PARCC problems with material from our current curriculum just to ensure that students have a healthy blend of all the concepts they are expected to know.  

While it appears in the PDF that there’s a lot of information (that’s because there is), not all of it is covered on the exam and some of it we’ve already gone over in class, so my focus primarily will be to fill in the gaps to make sure everyone is comfortable when the assessment rolls around.  

The information below is for you to practice with at home, but we will also work on the same material in school.  I just wanted to give you guys a heads up in advance so you’re not completely in the dark.  Any other questions just let me know…the more prep I can provide on this topic I will, so keep an eye on this space moving forward.



Language Arts




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