Homework 3/9/2017

  • Jace and Kennedy have Current Events tomorrow
  • If you have not submitted your $ or permission slip for tomorrow’s trip to the Paper Mill Playhouse, please do so.
  • Finally, keep an ear out for an all-call this evening regarding the weather situation.


Reading– make sure that you have your 1 sentence and 1 definition for each of the words below…

Spelling 13

  • wobble
  • decadent
  • frequent
  • impatient
  • recession
  • concession
  • deception
  • respiration
  • entrepreneur
  • astrolabe


Writing– complete the Core Question question (what evidence does each writer use to support his claims?)

Create a T-Chart in your notebook almost exactly how the article is set up with a Yes/No side…write out your supporting evidence for both sides using evidence from the article to support each side.

Write 1 paragraph, at least 5 sentences long, what do you think?  Which side do you agree with?

  • Title
  • Thesis
  • 3 Supporting details

You can certainly write more, but I am just looking to see you pull evidence from both perspectives of the article and then write a clear and concise position statement based on which side you agree with.  Should college kids get paid or not?  You may also research beyond the article to support your stance.

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