Gradebook Updated (done), 3/15

There are two assignments for 5S (one Writing, the other Math) I have to put in from late last week but as of now, the gradebook for both classes has been updated.

I can only grade the work that has been submitted though unfortunately we are still having a handful of students turn in work without their name on it and then never check the bin w/ those uncredited works.

I have also observed students that absolutely did the work at home but for some reason are not turning it in.  I’m often picking up assignments from the floor even after I stood in front of the room for minutes announcing numerous times that I would be walking around for collection.  By now, students should know that if they are not prepared and ready to hand in their assignments at that time, they have the homework bin on my desk as their fallback.  

A third category of students are simply stating they are doing their homework but are not.  These students will receive (for a second time now) their list of missing assignments from Net Classroom along w/ copies of any assignments they need to complete.  For History specificailly, the amount of work students have been receiving during Q2 and Q3 has been exactly the same as it’s been all year, the only difference is that (per parent request), I split up the gradebook into the different sections 9vocabulary, notes, review questions, worksheet) so that’d we’d have more scores to balance our limited meeting times.  As a result, though, many students are doing their work piecemeal and that is what is effecting their grade the most as they only turn in a portion of what is expected.  

Makeups during Quarter 3 will be up to my discretion as it has been stated clearly by now that improved and more thorough answers (basically following the instructions) that explain a child’s thought process in coming to their conclusions is the raised, higher-order standard we are looking for.  If the assignment is not in my homework bin by the time I take it home for grading, the assignment goes in as a 0 until it is submitted, then students will lose 2 points for it being late.  

So far no real surprises here, just wanted to update everyone again as student grades will be more accurate of their overall work ethic rather than focusing largely on assignment submissions.

The Quarter ends in a few weeks, please make sure to check your child’s grades and have them ask for the missing work if they aren’t bringing home the copies I’ll be giving them!  (lastly, there has always been a bin of ‘extra copies’ of the homework/notes that students largely bypass despite clear labeling and my constant mentions of it being there).

Any questions just let me know, thanks!



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