Homework 3/22/2017

ReadingRemember to write out the definitions and 1 synonym and 1 antonym for each of the 10 spelling words that I wrote on the blog on Monday.  This will be due tomorrow.  If you did not complete this assignment already, you may do so in class tomorrow.

  • We will have a Quiz on these words when I return next week so be ready!


Continue working MLK packet up to the Rosa Parks section, complete sentences, good answers, really think about what they are trying to say (we’ll go over this in detail when I return)

Writing– begin/continue in your Common Core  English Workbooks, Lesson 12, Writing an Opinion Piece…you should have already started this the other day.  Complete up to page 241

  • In class you were also supposed to write a 4-5 paragraph response to the Robert Clemente quote that Miss Pimental providied you.  If you did not complete this in class, please do so tonight.
  • I know we have our debate coming up on whether college athletes should get paid.  Organizing that information will be Homework for tomorrow (we won’t have the debate until I return, either)

Math– You should be working on dividing decimals…

5B Textbook pg. 65, #s 14-19 (show all work)

5B Textbook pg. 67, #s 1-3


  • Below are a few links that show students how to divide two decimals using long division.  


History– none until I return (today you should have watched a video on the basics of Geography)


I’ll likely be back in school Monday or Tuesday.  In the meantime please do not give Miss Pimental a hard time as I know you will all be on your best behavior.  🙂





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