Homework 3/27

Hi, so tomorrow I will be meeting with Mr. Shultz and will be collecting all of the class/homework that has been submitted thus far in my absence.  From what I understand from Miss Pimental, many students did not complete the E Books v. Textbook Persuasive writing assignment nor the Common Core Workbook pages as instructed, something that I will be collecting and students will be working on further until completed to the high standards we have set for ourselves.  

That aside, I’m going to post below a variety of different assignments that can be completed at your own pace over the course of the rest of the week and into early next week; I’ll hopefully know by this evening when I’ll be returning to class; all I can say is that right now my absence has been far too long.

The assignments posted below do not have specific due dates although I would like for them all to be completed by next week at latest.

I have also been posting supplements on my blog along with helpful Math and Geography resource videos in an effort to supplement what you may not be receiving in class.  My hope is that you are reading this website and using the links that I provided (see the E Books v. Textbooks links, for example) to help supplement your persuasive essays.  I was told only four or so students actually did the work and my assumption is that the majority of the class did not look over any of those links for quotes, statistics, or any other supporting data and strategies that we’ve been discussing all quarter in order to back up your personal opinions and thoughts on the matter.  Remember, just because I’m not present in the room with you does not mean I do not get daily reports as to what is going on behavior and work-wise so please follow Miss Pimental and the blog for at this moment it is the best resource you have available to you.

The first items listed are what Miss Pimental assigned for tonight…after that I will post assignments that I expect to be completed at your own pace over the next week or so.  Again, I’ll be in the building tonight collecting all the work that was handed in while I’ve been out so I will update the gradebook accordingly.  If you have been slacking in certain areas, now is your time to step it up!!

Lastly, PLEASE use the Math resources thread that I posted a few days ago as it has many links showing you how to divide decimals.  Also, the geography videos are extremely helpful in showing students how our Earth has evolved over time not just geographically but also in term of human populations.

Once I return the dates of these assignments will be more specific but I plan on still doing the same work so it’s okay to get started.  If you have any other specific questions, just let me know…thanks!


Education Galaxy Tonight you should be completing both the Language Arts and Math diagnostics on the Education Galaxy website.  I will be checking to see if you did the assignment in the morning.

***I just emailed everyone their username and passwords…if you have a problem logging in please let me know asap.  Thanks!




Writing– complete your E Books v. Textbooks persuasive essays using information, quotes, and data from the links that I provided for you the other night.  I was not happy to hear that only a handful of students did the work today!  I will be collecting every single page from your Common Core books showing me that you did all the organization work leading up to your rough drafts!

You MUST USE THE LINKS I PROVIDED ON MY BLOG PAGE to support your point of view.  If you are not using the skills and strategies we’ve discussed in class, what is the point?  I really want us to continue our debates but if we cannot do them constructively using facts, we are no better than the approval rating for our current Congress! 🙂 .  Below is another organizer to help you get things started (though this is all in your CC Books).


Math- attached below is  a very strong supplemental resource in addition to the ones I posted a few days ago showing students how to divide decimals.  These assignments will be done in class and for homework over the next week or so along with what we’ll be doing in the book.

  • DOWNLOADMultiplying and Dividing Decimals OPEN AND SEE  (page 3 shows students step by step how to divide two decimals)
  • In the meantime, you can also work on and practice with the following worksheets related to Chapter 9, Lesson 5: Estimating Decimals

These attachments below are related to the book.  The Enrichment problems are more challenging.



DOWNLOADParadise Lost Question Sheet

Paradise Lost Amazon Reading Packet

FUTURE ASSIGNMENTS (all download links below)  

These assignments will be done in class and homework.  If I return this week, I’ll have a better idea of how to space things out, but expect this along w/ our Map Making project to be the bulk of the rest of Quarter 3 Social Studies.

Again, these assignments above are work that will be assigned in the upcoming days and over the weekend so you can get a head start if you want to!

***Our Map Projects will be on hold until I figure out the date that I will be returning to class.

Current Event

Just another incredible video showcasing the power of water and the potential dangers a rise in sea level will have on our coastal cities within the next 50-100 years!  Imagine Manhattan and all it’s buildings just crashing into the sea in an instant…our planet is an incredible wonder and blessing to cherish and behold.  


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