Homework 3/28

This is what Miss Pimental assigned although it does not mean that the work I wrote on the blog yesterday will not be due at some point in the next week or two…


Social Studies- complete the Paradise Lost packet q/ the questions

(The Variety of Maps section as well) ***I’m not entirely sure what she means by this although the packet is available to download below.


Math- 5B Textbook, pg. 73, #s 18-21 and Let’s Practice #s 1-4


Writing- continue w/ your persuasive essay on E Books v. Textbooks, the question on pg. 253

***prepare for your debate on whether athletes should get paid or not although this might switch to a debate about E Books vs. Textbooks, it just makes more sense)


Reading- independent non-fiction reading, 45 minutes, 1 page of notes properly labeled on a fresh page w/ the date at the top (will be collected)

Study for your Spelling (both words and definitions) ***again, not entirely sure what she means by this



I will be coming by to collect all the class and homework since I’ve been out tomorrow so please be sure to have everything turned in and done to our Q3 standards if you would like full credit.  

I am also checking your Education Galaxy assignments tonight so I hope you did the diagnostics yesterday! 🙂  




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