Homework 3/31

Math– complete the Looking at Graphs worksheet

Sign Up for the Market Watch Stock Market Game

  • You will have to create an account using your school or personal email and use that to login to Market Watch.  
  • website– www.marketwatch.com/game/5s-2017
  • password: 5S2017 or 5S 2017 (you might have to put the space in there)
  • Once you put in the password, you should automatically be in our game.  Where you typed in your password should now say something like ‘Trade Now’.  Follow the instructions/method that I showed you in class in order to purchase your stocks.  Play around with the site a little bit and most importantly, try and have fun!



Figure out which 3-4 stocks you would like to spend your $100,000 dollars on and let me know how many shares of each stock you would like to purchase.

(Remember, take the stock price for today and multiply it by how many shares you would like to buy)

  • Google something like Facebook Stock Price and the price will show up as well as the SYMBOL (should be right below the price) for the stock that you’ll need to use on the Market Watch website.


We went over all of this in class today so being able to sign up and purchase shares will be a good indicator of who was paying attention and who was not.

Enjoy your weekend!

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