Homework 4/4

Math-  Dividing Decimals Worksheet A

  • We will have a Chapter 9 Quiz/Test on Friday. covering all of Chapter 9.

DOWNLOADMath Dividing by Two Decimals Worksheet 1


You must buy/add stock after signing up (and verifying your email) and using the link and password that’s been posted on the blog in order to join our game, otherwise your name will not appear in the Rankings.  If you purchase shares this evening, your name will appear in the Rankings by tomorrow morning during Homeroom when I check.  

  • Have your 3-4 stocks purchased and added to your Portfolio by tonight if not already completed.  This assignment will enter the grade book as a 0 if it is not completed by Homeroom.  Remember, you have to use Google to look up the stock symbol in order to find the company on the Market Watch website (as shown in class and mentioned on the blog a few days ago).  Most importantly, just play around with the website a bit and it should jog your memory regarding what to do tonight and in the future as you play the game at home.  
    • ex. ‘Facebook stock price’


Reading– Go Outside and Play non-fiction packet with Questions, please use complete sentences and information from the text to support when completing the short answers.



Social Studies– USA/World Geography Worksheet, double-sided

You may need your book to complete this assignment if you are not too confident about your geography skills. 

  • You may complete this assignment during Homeroom tomorrow as a Do Now if you do not have the time this evening.

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