Homework 4/6

Math– complete the 5B Textbook Let’s Practice section, pg. 80, #s 1-9 (started in class today)

Chapter 9 Quiz tomorrow, all of Chapter 9, Lessons 1-6, please use the notes that I put on the blog this past week.


Reading– How the Brain Works non-fiction reading packet with questions


Writing– the final draft of your persuasive letter is due so we can send them out in the mail tomorrow.

  • hand-written, 4-5 paragraphs long, preferably a minimum of 4-5 sentences per paragraph (you can certainly write more than this if you really want to elevate your letter to the next level)
  • Please write your response in LETTER form just as I showed you on the board…
  • EXPLAIN YOURSELF, please move beyond simply listing things, use all the strategies we have discussed in class!
  • ***both the rough and final draft of your essay will be collected – if you do not have the rough draft you will lose points!***


Permission slips and payment (if not already done for the Playhouse) are due tomorrow if possible…thanks!


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