Education Galaxy Update

So I’ve been browsing the data on the website and I’m proud to see that many of you are taking advantage of this site for the well-rounded academic tool that it is.  Some of you are doing a wonderful job so far earning those stars while others really need to try and step it up!  I’ll update the chart tomorrow so you can track your progress so you can earn those prizes!

So far I am using this data for a few different things as the website allows me to track information on all different types of concepts on both the personal student level and overall as a class.  I can see which areas students are struggling with and which we have already mastered so we can focus on the more immediate needs rather than ones we are already comfortable with.  I like the website because it is very direct and specific, it tells you what you need to work on, how to improve your scores, things of that nature.  It’s a useful tool for me as a teacher and hopefully a useful website for practice in the weeks ahead.

Thanks, and remember, keep shooting for the stars!  Remember, the biggest obstacle many of us will face between success and failure is ourselves!


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