Homework 4/28

History/Reading– two double sided worksheets, Greek myths, In the Beginning is the heading of one worksheet and Homer’s Tale of Troy is the heading on the other.  Read and complete the short answer questions.

Scholastic Magazine– read and complete the Calling it Quits and Twister Trouble articles and complete the 10 questions on the back on a separate sheet of properly labeled paper.


Math– Education Galaxy

If you have 0 stars by now, that means you did not complete a past homework assignment and it will go in the grade book as such.

  • The assignment this weekend is to earn at least more stars – so if you have 0, you must have a minimum of 3 by Monday…if you have 15, you must have 18 by Monday.  Whatever your current total is, add 3.


We will have a simple History Quiz on the Gods and Goddesses we’ve been studying in class next week.  I posted notes and related resources on the blog the other day and we completed the information for the Quiz today in class.  The notes that were taken in class will be collected on the day of the Quiz (for 5S I’m expecting that to be around Tuesday, no later than Wednesday).


Writing– we will be starting our mystery reading and writing units on Monday.


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