Homework 5/31

Math– 5B Workbook pgs. 163-165, more practice with triangles so we don’t forget before the final 🙂


We began our History review today and I started to scale back the notes a bit…I read actual questions from the Test and will continue to do so as we progress through the week.  Keep on studying!  Have a good night!


Social Studies & Math Study Guide

So below is a copy of the study guide that I’ll be using over the next few days.  It is 6 pages front and back but it includes both questions and answers (except for the vocabulary terms) so that’s why it’s a bit long.

I expect the test to be under 50 questions, about half vocabulary and the rest short answer and matching.

Students will be as prepared for this exam as they should have been for today’s Web Quest assessment on ancient Greece – if they are paying attention in class, they’ll have all they need to be successful.  As we go over the guide this week, we’ll be able to peel back some of the explanations to their most important parts…I’ll ultimately end up reading the actual Test questions by Friday using the information from the guide as reference to show the students that everything they need is right there.

Any questions just let me know, thanks!


BELOW IS A COPY OF THE MATH GUIDE that Mr. Carr and I went over today.  Below is also a link to the IXL website to practice a few of these skills each day…we’ll be reviewing the material through Thursday for our Final on Friday.  This document is pretty similar to what I posted last night, except there’s video links here.  I’ll also be reading questions from the actual final over the next few days as well.


Math Final Review

Math Final Update

Working on the History review now…trying to scale things down to the most important concepts based on what we learned last year about our students and their first experience with final exams…This space will be updated later tonight and into tomorrow with relevant information concerning both exams.

We will discuss this as a class tomorrow to see which areas students are and are not comfortable with.  I will then take a look at last year’s exam that was 50 questions and make any specific changes at that point.  As of now, though, this is a good start.

Math Final Review

  • Chapter 1 -Whole Numbers
    • standard form
    • word form
    • expanded form
    • estimate
  • Chapter 2 -Multiplying and Dividing Whole Numbers
    • multiplying two digits by two digits
    • multiplying four digits by two digits
    • word problems
  • Chapter 3 – Fractions and Mixed Numbers
    • adding fractions
    • subtracting fractions
    • LCD
  • Chapter 4 -Multiplying and Dividing Fractions and Whole Numbers
    • multiplying fractions
    • dividing fractions
    • word problems
  • Chapter 7 -Ratio
    • how to find ratio
  • Chapter 8 -Decimals
    • write decimals from least to greatest/ greatest to least
    • decimals as a mixed number
  • Chapter 9 -Multiplying and dividing decimals
    • multiplying decimals
    • dividing decimals
    • word problems
  • Chapter 10 – Percents (as part of fractions)
  • Chapter 12 -Angles (one or two problems based on what we recently covered)
    • angles on a line
    • angle measurements
    • find angles within a rectangle
  • Chapter 13 -Properties of Triangles & four-sided figures (if we get to it, something simple)
    • find angle measures in a triangle

Students should have examples of all these concepts in their notebooks.  Along w/ their notes there should also be actual examples and drawings. We don’t have to study anything from chapter 10, 11, 14. All other materials they can use are the actual chapter tests, the math reviews, the math review quizzes, and the textbooks.

Students have requested to make their own study guides for Math and so here’s the opportunity to do so!  Buona fortuna!

Project Lead Videos/Pictures + Thank You

Hi, so hopefully this link below works (it seems to, I just checked it and it opens to the entire folder).  I had to upload the files to Google Drive because the size of the videos is so massive due to the quality, I can’t email them and so putting them on Google Drive is the only option available to us.

I was honestly so extremely proud (but not surprised) as to how well our class performed during this entire process, always asking relevant questions, listening carefully during our weekly visits by the federal prosecutors, etc…because our ‘Lead Team’ were active lawyers as well, we met w/ them a bit less than 5C but based on the stellar behavior and maturity our children in 5S, their immaculate performance truly moved me to tears at one or two points (not full blown crying, just watery eyes that I had to wipe away 😉

I absolutely love and am going to miss each and every child that I was fortunate to have under my guidance this past year.  We established a standard and raised the bar for 5th grade in terms of what can be accomplished if the kids are given the chance to express themselves as opposed to being ‘babied’ throughout the year.  Our children are capable of so much more as we’ve all seen this past year.  I 100% firmly believe that your children will be more prepared for 6th grade and beyond than their average peer because that was what we set out to accomplish from the start, to develop well-rounded learners armed with the ‘dangerous’ ability to critically think for themselves on topics that the average teacher they’ve had in the past simply was not equipped to handle.

I know this  and trust this as fact because I consistently get texts, emails, and calls from last year’s students (about 7–8 kids) that moved on to challenging private/boarding schools and they all say the same thing, that the material and discussions we had in class prepared them so well for the future that often times they are the only students in their class that know what is going on!  I accredit that to my educational philosophy and teaching style but most importantly, our children’s willingness to have an open mind and to never run from obstacles or challenges but rather face them head on.  Most importantly, though, has been the support both our children and I have received from home because without your help, none of this would be possible.

Anyway, below is the link to my Google Drive folder that contains all the images and clips from the mock trial at the Federal Building this past Thursday.  If you have an issue accessing it just let me know and I’ll try and fix it asap.

Thanks again for all the love and support I’ve received this year.

Project Lead Mock Trial Videos & Pictures (no particular order)

Project Lead Folder Link

Homework 5/24

Math- Textbook pages 189-190

I handed out protractors today just in case they’d be of use at home…obviously they need to be cut out along the edges and on the inside for them to work properly…I’ll try to find a better printout tomorrow.

Here’s an alternative…


History- Web Quest Test on Tuesday


Remember, finals are coming up on…

  • Science- May 31st
  • Math- June 2nd
  • History- June 5th



Homework 5/22

Reading– the red Scholastic Magazine with the headline ‘My Parents Were Deported’

  • Summarize 1 article at home (minimum of 2 paragraphs)
  • Complete problems 1-4 on the back (pg. 24)

Math– 5B Workbook pgs. 151-154, take home ‘quiz’

IF YOU HAVE A DIFFERENT WORKBOOK, please complete the Cumulative Review for Chapters 11-13, pgs. 145-149, #s 1-16

Social Studies– Test on the Web Quest material, #s 1-58 will be next Monday/Tuesday, however the schedule best shakes out.

  • Don’t forget permission slips for the 1/2 day trip Thurssday!
  • Science Fair Thursday as well!

Fidget Spinners

Hi…so I saw this on one of the sites I frequent and even though they’ve been a bit of a nuisance in class :-), I figured that it’d also be a nice read for the kids…these are a bit more unique than the ones I’ve been seeing as well so maybe they’ll find it interesting to see what else is out there.

Enjoy your Saturday!

Best Fidget Spinners and Cubes


There’s also a wealth of Do It Yourself (DIY) videos I’ve been seeing online lately…this one I found kind of neat (although where can you buy zip ties?  ha!)

Homework 5/19

History/Reading– Background: Alexander the Great, Mutiny packet w/ questions, please use the text to write thorough answers, underline the notes that you are using to complete your answers.

  • History assessment early next week on the Web Quest questions #1-58, we will review beforehand and the questions will come directly from the packet.


Math– 5B Workbook pages 120-122, word problems

  • Plot the Points to create the picture worksheet (I wasn’t planning on giving this out so if it’s too much than we can complete it in class).
  • Chapter 11 Quiz early next week


Writing– final draft of your mystery story is due on Monday

follow the rubric!

staple your rough draft and any notes/organizers to the final draft so I can compare each version and the changes.  We read a few in class and we were still struggling with connecting our plot to our evidence to our suspects without things being randomly/loosely connected so keep an eye on that.


Don’t forget to look at the final exam schedule below!

Enjoy your weekend!


Homework 5/18

Reading– finish your book club books and complete the notes and provided questions that were distributed in class.  Your groups have had plenty of time to get this done, so please do your best work!

  • Upon completion of the chapter questions, I will give you the written portion of the assignment this weekend.
  • Spelling Quiz tomorrow
  • Definitions due tomorrow


Math– 5B Workbook pgs. 115-117

  • Quiz next week on Chapter 11


History– Quiz next week on Web Quest questions #1-58


Writing– final draft of your mystery story is due on Monday

  • follow the rubric that I posted on the blog
  • follow the advice and strategies that we have been going over in class!
  • Staple your rough draft and any notes/organizer to the final copy.