Homework 5/1

Today was not our best day in terms of the talking and behavior so as a result, everyone in class had to write one set of presidents.  Unless told otherwise (in order take care of the few that were behaving), students are to write a second set of presidents this evening.


Social Studies– Gods and Goddesses quiz on Wednesday for 5S (notes should have been taken in class and some were posted below last week)

Math– we will begin our work on Chapter 11 tomorrow


Reading– read the first part of the story posted below up to the questions and where it says STOP,only.  We will complete the questions and read the rest of the story in class tomorrow.


Writing– complete our 5 paragraph On Demand prompt from class today using your notes during reading class to support your pre-planning using the graphic organizer.  I marked off on each students paper how much they wrote in 40 minutes during class with the rest to be completed at home.  I will be collecting both the On Demand prompt and the organizer for full credit.

Below I’m going to post copies of the notes and terminology we went over this morning.


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