History 5/3

Math– 5B Workbook pgs. 107-110, Chapter 11, Lesson 2


Writing– every student chose a non-fiction unsolved mystery today in class to write about further this evening.  Students are to do some light research on their topic in order to fill out their ‘Mystery Cube’ graphic organizers that we reviewed together in school.  Below is a link to creating your own ‘Mystery Cube’ just in case you need a backup.

We chose non-fiction mysteries because the bulk of the cube should already be completed since the majority of the details come from a true story.  Students have to be creative with their endings, though, and their solutions should be plausible (reasonable).  Students must include at least 3 clues in their stories and compose a 4-5 paragraph rough response using a combination of real history mixed with their own creative endings.  

The mystery cubes will be collected along with the rough drafts tomorrow…if you have some trouble writing tonight, please do not show up with nothing written tomorrow, rather, show me that you took the time and at least tried and we will spend some more time on it in class together to make sure that you’re writing a true mystery and not simply listing ideas.

Non-Fiction Mystery Writing Topics

  • Oli- the Mary Celeste
  • McKenzie- Kentucky Meat Shower
  • Jordan- crystal skulls
  • Josh- kidnapping of Charlie Ross
  • Tiffany- kidnapping of Elsie Paroubek
  • Elijah- Easter Island statues
  • Lauryn- Nazca Lines
  • Kiara- Loch Ness Monster
  • Johari- Bermuda Triangle
  • Aniyah- Green Children of Woolpit
  • Clare- underwater crop circles
  • Chloe- Antwerp Diamond Heist
  • Jace- Phoenix Lights
  • Olumide- kidnapping of Jacob Wetterling
  • Zahra- kidnapping of Tara Calico
  • Jaiden- ?
  • Faith- kidnapping of Charlie Ross
  • Paislee- 4 submarines disappeared in 1968
  • Kennedy- the case of the Lindbergh baby

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