Homework 5/8

Math– 5B Workbook pgs. 105-106 and 111-112

Writing– today we focused in class writing about our detectives, students were to write about 11-2 pages detailing and describing the detective in their upcoming mystery story, asking themselves questions, giving them a backstory, motivations, physical descriptions and internal motivations, etc.

Tonight, I would like for you to write a similar amount on regarding the setting of your mystery story, 1-2 pages . Write about the environment that your detective and the plot of your story take place.  Describe the atmosphere, the type of people that inhabit the location(s), things of that nature.  Try describing the setting so well that we can easily picture in our minds the shadows created by the shining streetlights to the smog and mist during a morning sunrise (just an example).  The setting, just as much as your detective, dictates what the plot of your story will be like, so keep everything we discussed in class today in mind!

If you have time…

Social Studies– complete the questions through #39 (we will review the questions through #28 tomorrow)


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