Homework 5/9

Math- 5B Textbook pg. 143, Let’s Practice, #s 1-3, new lesson, new concept called combinations and making organizing data using lists or trees.  Use the previous two pages of the textbook as reference along w/ the notes that I put on the board if you are having trouble.  I expect some people to get this easily and some to have some trouble, so as long as you try and show your work, that’s what I care about…we’ll clean all this up tomorrow.


Reading– 45 minutes independent reading, properly label your paper and write quality notes as you’ve been taught all year long, preferably 3/4-1 page worth
Writing- tomorrow make sure that your 1-2 page detective description and your 1-2 page write-up of your setting/atmosphere is completed so we can work on the next step of our mystery story.


Please check the gradebook for missing work.  We have a system now that has been working well so if a child has work completed but was not listening when it was collected or checked, the gradebook will reflect their lack of attention and if the work is ultimately submitted, it will be considered late.


  • Continue working on your Education Galaxy activities to earn stars!  Some people still have zero stars or have not increased their total for almost two weeks now…not good!




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