Homework 5/10

Writing- continue writing your 3 separate ‘treatments’ using your detective and setting notes as support.  Remember, a treatment is just a simple way to brainstorm different ways to tell your mystery story without actually writing the whole thing.

  • Try switching around some details and characteristics , for example have your detective be smart instead of clumsy, have the setting be the countryside instead of urban…these details directly impact how your mystery story is told.
  • ***Choose one of your treatments to begin writing in class tomorrow…please do not write a complete essay at home
  • Our next step tomorrow is to add secondary/supporting characters


Math– complete today’s classwork packet, 5B Extra Practice worksheet pgs. 61-64 (try your best, use your notes and the book for reference)


History/Reading read page 1, the background, of the Archimedes’ Bath play to familiarize yourself with the story before we break into groups again tomorrow.

If you haven’t completed and submitted your questions through #39, please do so asap!


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