Missing Work & History Review (contd.)

As I do with every exam, I will read actual questions from the Test and I will announce that I am doing so before I say the answers..those that are paying attention will have these questions written down and thus be more prepared than those that do not.

Good luck!


Also, missing work was handed out today to a few students and I have made available copies of all the assignments on the back table for students that routinely check the gradebook.



Map Project

So we fell a little bit short of getting a map of the entire world done, but I’m proud of how things turned out 🙂

I’ve had these posted by the library for a while now and they pretty much take up the entire wall… overall the kids did a beautiful job but you can definitely tell which groups worked well together and which struggled a bit.  All in all this was a learning experience and one that I know every child will benefit from in the future!

Love you guys and all the hard work and effort you’ve put in this year, not just for me but for yourselves and your families, to not settle and accept the status quo but desire to be better, wanting to be great!


(You may have to right click and open in a new tab to zoom in)