5C Social Studies Homework

Missing Work

Extra assignments for students missing work were distributed today and should have been brought home.  All work will be due by Monday, latest.  Thanks.

Map Project


So we fell a little bit short of getting a map of the entire world done, but I’m proud of how things turned out 🙂

I’ve had these posted by the library for a while now and they pretty much take up the entire wall… overall the kids did a beautiful job but you can definitely tell which groups worked well together and which struggled a bit.  All in all this was a learning experience and one that I know every child will benefit from in the future!

Love you guys and all the hard work and effort you’ve put in this year, not just for me but for yourselves and your families, to not settle and accept the status quo but desire to be better, wanting to be great!


(You may have to right click and open in a new tab to zoom in)

Review (contd.)

Tomorrow we will continue our review and work towards getting the information under 6 pages although the way the guide is set up is perfect, there’s no need for the book and it contains all the relevant information one would need to be successful.  The only thing students need to do is look up the definitions on their own and listen during class so they can take notes and expand on their answers using class discussion.

I, along with the other staff member in the room, stand by our actions the other day and would do it again since it placed no child at a disadvantage whatsoever..  If we have a handful of students not interested in preparing with the rest of their peers they will either be asked to leave or consequences on the final will be assessed.  It’s not fair to the children who are behaving properly and doing their jobs the right way, plain and simple.

As I do with every exam, I will read actual questions from the Test and I will announce that I am doing so before I say the answers..those that are paying attention will have these questions written down and thus be more prepared than those that do not.

Good luck!

Social Studies Review Worksheet

  • ***Today I handed out 10 copies of this review sheet to the students that were behaving, listening well, and overall paying attention all throughout class.  If a student did not receive a physical copy of the review sheet, their behavior was disruptive and ultimately a major hindrance to today’s review.  Hopefully on Thursday when I see the kids again we can simplify the material further (as mentioned below), but until then, posted below is a copy of the word document that we worked off of today in class.  Thanks.  

So below is a copy of the study guide that I’ll be using over the next few days.  It is 6 pages front and back but it includes both questions and answers (except for the vocabulary terms) so that’s why it’s a bit long.

I expect the test to be under 50 questions, about half vocabulary and the rest short answer and matching.

Students will be as prepared for this exam as they should have been for today’s Web Quest assessment on ancient Greece – if they are paying attention in class, they’ll have all they need to be successful.  As we go over the guide this week, we’ll be able to peel back some of the explanations to their most important parts…I’ll ultimately end up reading the actual Test questions by Friday using the information from the guide as reference to show the students that everything they need is right there.

Any questions just let me know, thanks!

Social Studies Final Exam (separate from tomorrow’s Greek exam)

Working on the review now, I’ll post it overnight…I’m going to use the same exam from last June as the foundation and then scale it back from there based on what we learned from our student’s first experience with finals last year.  It will be cumulative but focus more on themes and vocabulary rather than super-specific questions.  I’ll update this space further as it all comes together.  Regardless, students will have plenty of time to study all week.  Thanks.

Homework 5/24 & Notes for Web Quest Test


History- Web Quest Test on Tuesday

Students also had one last double-sided mythology story worksheet to complete.


Social Studies Web Quest Test

The Test will be on Tuesday when we get back from school (I didn’t realize at the time that we were off Monday).  I have the packets that were submitted to me during last class session…these packets will be returned tomorrow so we can continue our Review.  The reason I have them is so students will have the correct answers to study from (guaranteed) rather than whatever they may have written (or left blank).  They’ll have plenty of time to study – the Test won’t be overly difficult as the final is coming up as well, I just want to make sure that everyone is paying attention.


I’ll try to update the gradebook further tonight…I’ve been doing it on a rolling basis the past week + so if assignments were submitted late/recently, it will be reflected soon.

Homework 5/22

Today’s class was cut into by the Project Lead program to prepare for the trip on Thursday so we didn’t get much done.  I’ll be taking the kids from 5C tomorrow for a little bit to go over the things we need to cover and during that time they will receive some light class/homework (depends on them).

I am looking to have the Web Quest ‘Test’ on Monday now with our Review taking place on Wednesday.  It will cover material from questions #1-58.

Best Fidget Spinners and Cubes

Hi…so I saw this on one of the sites I frequent and even though they’ve been a bit of a nuisance in class :-), I figured that it’d also be a nice read for the kids…these are a bit more unique than the ones I’ve been seeing as well so maybe they’ll find it interesting to see what else is out there.

Enjoy your Saturday!

Best Fidget Spinners and Cubes


There’s also a wealth of Do It Yourself (DIY) videos I’ve been seeing online lately…this one I found kind of neat (although where can you buy zip ties?  ha!)

Homework 5/18

Background: Alexander’s Mutiny play packet w/ questions due on Monday.  Please use the text to support your answers in complete sentences and when we review the material as a class, please make any changes/corrections on your paper before I collect it if you would like full credit!  Thanks!

  • Quiz on questions #1-58 early next week (likely Wednesday)


After working w/ Mr. Carr, we decided to sensibly stagger the final exams for Math, Science, and Social Studies.

The Social Studies Final Exam will be held on Monday, June 5th.  The exam is cumulative meaning that it will contain information that we’ve studied all year long, however, there will be a slightly larger emphasis on the material from Quarters 3 and 4.  We will of course have a sufficient review beforehand and students will be given all they need to ultimately be successful as they have been provided all year long, and I expect the exam to be around 50 questions just like last year w/ a blend of vocabulary w/ a word bank, short answers, and multiple choice.  

Because 5th graders have not taken final exams before, my only concern is that our students become ‘fearful’ of the Test as opposed to considering it as a personal challenge.  Of course studying and doing well is important, but I also do not want our kids to become ‘paralyzed’ during the assessment as I’ve seen happen before because the importance of doing well is over-emphasized at home.

Again, the grades do count and the scores are a direct reflection of how much focus, time, and effort a child has put into Social Studies all year long and during our review.  I’m going to approach this the same way I would any other assessment in order to remain consistent so that the kids are as comfortable as possible during the exam, my only request is that students use the time leading up to it to prepare as best they can without feeling overwhelmed.

If you have any questions just let me know.  Our review and any notes/materials will be distributed and uploaded to the blog next week.  Thanks!


Science– May 31st (take home exam)

Math– June 2nd

Homework 5/16

Complete the Web Quest problems through #58.  We will have a Quiz on the first half of this material early next week.  

UPDATE: Hi,  so after taking a peek at the papers I have to grade, I noticed that I had a few packets from students in 5C in my possession so I’ll be sure to get you those tomorrow so you can work on the assignment.  Not many, just a few (Kai, Logan, Julian, Monroe, and Azariah).  (In the meantime, the PDF was  posted online if you were ambitious enough to write the answers on a separate piece of paper :-)These were the only students to turn in this particular assignment the other day, and there was another assignment about Archimedes that maybe 10 people turned in so please keep an eye on the grade book in the next day or two because we are starting to see students fall back into not submitting their work again.  Thanks!

Homework 5/12

Chapter 8, Lesson 3, pg. 288, please properly label your paper and complete all the vocabulary and definitions…these words will be used along with the questions on the Web Quest to create a short assessment on ancient Greece if not next week, early on the week after.


Homework 5/10

History/Reading begin reading page 1, the background, of the Archimedes’ Bath play in order to familiarize yourself with the story before we break into groups again tomorrow.

Next, I returned your Web Quest packets yesterday, #s 1-28.  For our next class session please complete the questions through #39 as we will be reviewing the first set of responses.


Gradebook Updated 5/9 (2:29am)

  • Side note:  I just wanted to say that while in general, my class sessions together with 5C have always been entertaining to say the least, the last two times we have met have gone a lot smoother and I just wanted to thank you guys for that.
  • With that said, while in general the behavior has been improved, I still have a handful of students getting up w/ out permission, yelling at each other and across the room, giving attitude if I ask them to sit elsewhere due to disruptions, doing art projects or other things during lessons, copying assignments from their classmates rather than listening when we review everything before collection (hence why less 10s this quarter), etc.  While I take the materials away along w/ things like Fun Day and Recess, many don’t seem to care so I might have to resort to assigning sets of Presidents for the small few that have unfortunately been putting their needs above the right of others to learn.  More to the point, though, is that I have to constantly stop class in order to refocus my students because of this poor behavior.While we’ve been trending in the right direction, I hope that we can keep this good work going until the end of the year as I know it becomes easier and easier to kind of check out once June arrives.  We have one small project left, creating our Greek/Roman shields, and so I expect fantastic creativity from this project once I give out the paper and instructions next week (many of last year’s are posted around my room).  
  • Long story short, if your child comes home with a set or set(s) of President’s it’s because they have been highly disruptive to the class and/or not paying attention or missing excessive work.  Miss Tina Pimental has also been sitting n the back helping me out in a variety of ways, specifically she is keeping track of the students that are (and are not) paying attention during lessons, those that are talking, copying work, etc., so if you’re starting to see grades slide, I have enough indisputable data now to back up my end.


Hi, just a quick update…the gradebook for both classes is about 95% completed…when you leave comments on everyone’s work it often takes a little bit longer to get things returned 🙂

The Gods & Goddesses Quiz grades for 5C turned out pretty well, though in many cases students left points on the board by not explaining all they knew from the notes we took together on the concepts.  In fact, what I thought would be an easy A for everyone turned out more in the B-C range and so if it makes sense to curve the scores I will.  As of right now, though, it wouldn’t be much, and if a student were to have really under-performed, say with a 22, no student of mine will receive lower than a 50 grade regardless.  Furthermore, they will have the opportunity to gain extra points doing some type of different work.

Finally, I can start putting up grades for the Maps as 5C has finally taken my ‘threats’ of today being the last day to finish seriously.  They had multiple more weeks to work on this project than my class and so the final results should have bore that out.  I’m still waiting for 1 or 2 maps, but my focus is less on map grade and more on the overall group grade as I find them to be directly related.  My hope is that in the near future, certain students, group-mates in this particular case, my hope is that we all recognize our faults and differences and learn to grow from them rather than to fight/argue/get upset over every little thing.  While most students did display adequate maturity and self-control, the ones that did not were the ones that participated the least and therefore will receive a grade that they earned.  Most importantly, you can see just in the details and quality of work how a solid, trusting, equal, and understanding partnership can lead to a better final product.

  • all group members will fill out an anonymous card w/ questions so I can get a feel for who did what work on the assignment…this way it’s anonymous and so I expect the truth to get out of four people as opposed to one’s word against the others.

The next time I meet w/ both 5S and 5C we will discuss the maps, what went well, what did not, what we practice we can do in groups to improve during our next assignment – a reflection of this nature is always important when a simple project such as this takes far too long to complete (this should have been done weeks ago).

For the majority of 5C, I really appreciate your hard work as a few of your maps came in on time and extremely accurate, colorful, and detailed with numerous physical features.  I’m so proud that you took your time, saw the vision that I had planned out for you guys and were then able to take that vision and create an ultimate plan of action.  The bulk of you worked well together in groups that Mr. S set up so that the kids had to work w/ students aside from their immediate friends, a task that isn’t always easy when working w/ new people.  Those students who did not participate much at all, hopefully next time we do something like this or you’re involved with other pre-selected group members in the future, you reflect on this moment and think of ways you can better behave and contribute as it was your distractions that led to the few picking up all the slack.

Anyway, I’ll post a picture of the final results either tomorrow or Wednesday (I think I’m still waiting on one or two maps).  Aside from that, the grades for that assignment will go up this week.

Any other questions just let me know, thanks again!


Homework 5/8

Complete the Trial of Socrates packet w/ question in complete sentences using the information from the play as a guide to help support your answers.

  • Also, if you would like to get a head start on our next assignment, you may complete the Web Quest packet questions through #39.

Homework 5/4

Social Studies complete the fourth double-sided Greek Mythology worksheet for this quarter and answer the problems in complete sentences when able to.  I believe this one talks about Icarus and Daedalus and the title of the second story is about the Most Beautiful Woman in the World  (I wasn’t in today so don’t quote me on that exactly, I’m pretty sure that is correct, though).

There’s a handful of other things I’d like to get done project-wise as well, but well see where the time takes us. (make replica Greek shields, mini-Trojan horses, and more depending on if we get to the unit on ancient China.  Most importantly, though, the thing that is holding us up from progressing to these other projects is stated below…

  • Groups in 5C still working on their maps have until Monday to complete them.  If someone in your group has to take the work home, so be it.  If not finished by Monday, both your group and map grades will be no higher than a C and likely lower depending on how much you actually got done together in over a month.  This project has gone on way too long and I have extended far too many opportunities for you to complete this task only for you to ignore the work in favor of watching movies or doing whatever else.  Monday, latest, that’s it!

The gradebook has been updated a bit and will be fully up to date by the weekend.  Thanks!