5S 2016-2017 Master Schedule

Below is an updated copy of our class schedule that is reflective of our additional Science and Social Studies sessions as well as some other minor changes.  With that said, right now attached is the updated schedule that I’ll be working off of for the next few weeks.

  • Continuing, with Project Lead starting soon (was supposed to begin last week, actually), we’ll have to adjust and make an accommodation to our schedule once more (typically we have to shift a subject from Period 1 or 2 but it’s often not too big a problem.

All in all, the # of times we have a subject will largely stay the same although Mr. S and Miss Lujan reserve the right to switch a subject here and there based on the pressing needs of our students and the specific subject matter they might be struggling with.  Don’t expect this to happen often, however, if we are observing glaring deficiencies across the board in Math class, for example, and the majority of students have already shown improvement and/or advancement in reading/writing/Social Studies, I know that I’m willing to teach an the extra Math session in the meantime because the goal is that our students learn the material well enough so that they can master the concepts and perform them independently which allows them to observe numerical patterns via their timetables, etc.


ANYWAY, here’s the Master Schedule

Again, I hope this helps…thanks!