Social Studies & Math Study Guide

So below is a copy of the study guide that I’ll be using over the next few days.  It is 6 pages front and back but it includes both questions and answers (except for the vocabulary terms) so that’s why it’s a bit long.

I expect the test to be under 50 questions, about half vocabulary and the rest short answer and matching.

Students will be as prepared for this exam as they should have been for today’s Web Quest assessment on ancient Greece – if they are paying attention in class, they’ll have all they need to be successful.  As we go over the guide this week, we’ll be able to peel back some of the explanations to their most important parts…I’ll ultimately end up reading the actual Test questions by Friday using the information from the guide as reference to show the students that everything they need is right there.

Any questions just let me know, thanks!


BELOW IS A COPY OF THE MATH GUIDE that Mr. Carr and I went over today.  Below is also a link to the IXL website to practice a few of these skills each day…we’ll be reviewing the material through Thursday for our Final on Friday.  This document is pretty similar to what I posted last night, except there’s video links here.  I’ll also be reading questions from the actual final over the next few days as well.


Math Final Review


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