Homework 5/24

Math- Textbook pages 189-190

I handed out protractors today just in case they’d be of use at home…obviously they need to be cut out along the edges and on the inside for them to work properly…I’ll try to find a better printout tomorrow.

Here’s an alternative…


History- Web Quest Test on Tuesday


Remember, finals are coming up on…

  • Science- May 31st
  • Math- June 2nd
  • History- June 5th



Homework 5/22

Reading– the red Scholastic Magazine with the headline ‘My Parents Were Deported’

  • Summarize 1 article at home (minimum of 2 paragraphs)
  • Complete problems 1-4 on the back (pg. 24)

Math– 5B Workbook pgs. 151-154, take home ‘quiz’

IF YOU HAVE A DIFFERENT WORKBOOK, please complete the Cumulative Review for Chapters 11-13, pgs. 145-149, #s 1-16

Social Studies– Test on the Web Quest material, #s 1-58 will be next Monday/Tuesday, however the schedule best shakes out.

  • Don’t forget permission slips for the 1/2 day trip Thurssday!
  • Science Fair Thursday as well!

Fidget Spinners

Hi…so I saw this on one of the sites I frequent and even though they’ve been a bit of a nuisance in class :-), I figured that it’d also be a nice read for the kids…these are a bit more unique than the ones I’ve been seeing as well so maybe they’ll find it interesting to see what else is out there.

Enjoy your Saturday!

Best Fidget Spinners and Cubes


There’s also a wealth of Do It Yourself (DIY) videos I’ve been seeing online lately…this one I found kind of neat (although where can you buy zip ties?  ha!)

Homework 5/19

History/Reading– Background: Alexander the Great, Mutiny packet w/ questions, please use the text to write thorough answers, underline the notes that you are using to complete your answers.

  • History assessment early next week on the Web Quest questions #1-58, we will review beforehand and the questions will come directly from the packet.


Math– 5B Workbook pages 120-122, word problems

  • Plot the Points to create the picture worksheet (I wasn’t planning on giving this out so if it’s too much than we can complete it in class).
  • Chapter 11 Quiz early next week


Writing– final draft of your mystery story is due on Monday

follow the rubric!

staple your rough draft and any notes/organizers to the final draft so I can compare each version and the changes.  We read a few in class and we were still struggling with connecting our plot to our evidence to our suspects without things being randomly/loosely connected so keep an eye on that.


Don’t forget to look at the final exam schedule below!

Enjoy your weekend!


Homework 5/18

Reading– finish your book club books and complete the notes and provided questions that were distributed in class.  Your groups have had plenty of time to get this done, so please do your best work!

  • Upon completion of the chapter questions, I will give you the written portion of the assignment this weekend.
  • Spelling Quiz tomorrow
  • Definitions due tomorrow


Math– 5B Workbook pgs. 115-117

  • Quiz next week on Chapter 11


History– Quiz next week on Web Quest questions #1-58


Writing– final draft of your mystery story is due on Monday

  • follow the rubric that I posted on the blog
  • follow the advice and strategies that we have been going over in class!
  • Staple your rough draft and any notes/organizer to the final copy.

Homework 5/17

Reading– definitions due Friday, scroll down to Monday for the words

  • Quiz Friday!


Math– 5B Texttbook pgs. 155-156, Chapter 11 Review


History– double-sided mythology worksheet

  • The Golden Child
  • For Want of a Son


Finals Schedule 

Science– May 31st (take-home exam

Math– June 2nd

History– June 5th


Award Ceremony

June 14th @ 2:00

Not every child receives one this year so i’ll try and let it be known beforehand so parents or other family members can attend.


Homework 5/16

Math– 5B Workbook pgs. 87-90, combinations and coordinate planes practice

  • Textbook Quiz by the end of the week


History- complete your Web Quest questions through #58

  • We will have a short Quiz on this material early next week as well.


Reading– complete the spelling words for Friday

  • Quiz Friday
  • Scholastic Magazine summary due tomorrow


Writing– make sure you have your mystery story rough draft for tomorrow!  Hopefully you used your extra time wisely!

Homework 5/15

Math– Common Core WB Pages 183-5

The notes start on pg. 180

  • Chapter 11 Quiz soon, maybe by the end of the week.


History– Textbook pgs. 288, vocabulary with definitions, Chapter 8, Lesson 3 (much of the material we’ll review and is repeated in the Web Quest)

Remember, have your Web Quest packets completed through #39, we’ll have a short Quiz on these questions soon.

We haven’t had History in a minute so we’ll be reviewing and doing more work in this packet tomorrow.


Spelling Quiz 16









bonjour (french)






What gods did Socrates believe in?


Readingdefinitions and Quiz on Friday

  • Read one article in the Junior Scholastic Magazine this evening, summarize what you read, write down some powerful quotes/statistics that sum up what you read, 1-2 paragraphs properly labeled on notebook paper

Keep working on your Mystery Story’s that we will read/revise/edit/and improve in class tomorrow!

Mystery Rubric


Hi, attached above is a rubric that students can use when writing their rough drafts this weekend.  I myself am somewhat indifferent on rubrics, but I know they are sometimes helpful for students who get a bit blocked and need a refresher along the way.  I’m still looking for the things that we have discussed in class, and try and think back to the film we watched, The Prestige, and how the writers used changes in time, setting, planning out the evidence, the supporting characters, plot twists (red-herrings) – everything we have discussed in class you should have available in your writer’s toolkit.

Remember, when writing mysteries, it sometimes is easier to compose your stories backwards and if you already know how it ends.  It makes incorporating the evidence and plot twists less random because you don’t have to worry about drawing connections to your plot as you go.

Most importantly, be creative, enjoy yourself, and if you didn’t like any of your 3 ‘treatments’, try something new!  I want you to be excited about the topic you chose and interested in getting that story out.

If this all comes together as planned, my hope is that we can have our best compositions from throughout the year compiled into book form so that PACs students years from now can still be reading the enlightened musings from the 5S Class of 2017 🙂

Enjoy the weekend!