Homework 4/28

History/Reading– two double sided worksheets, Greek myths, In the Beginning is the heading of one worksheet and Homer’s Tale of Troy is the heading on the other.  Read and complete the short answer questions.

Scholastic Magazine– read and complete the Calling it Quits and Twister Trouble articles and complete the 10 questions on the back on a separate sheet of properly labeled paper.


Math– Education Galaxy

If you have 0 stars by now, that means you did not complete a past homework assignment and it will go in the grade book as such.

  • The assignment this weekend is to earn at least more stars – so if you have 0, you must have a minimum of 3 by Monday…if you have 15, you must have 18 by Monday.  Whatever your current total is, add 3.


We will have a simple History Quiz on the Gods and Goddesses we’ve been studying in class next week.  I posted notes and related resources on the blog the other day and we completed the information for the Quiz today in class.  The notes that were taken in class will be collected on the day of the Quiz (for 5S I’m expecting that to be around Tuesday, no later than Wednesday).


Writing– we will be starting our mystery reading and writing units on Monday.


Update 4/26

Homework 4/26

None this evening due to PARCC and because… I’ll give the kids something brief for this weekend.  

Below is a picture (sorry, kind of blurry), of the solid notes we took in 5C today and that will be continued with 5S tomorrow.  Also attached is the Power Point we will use to supplement a book that we used to develop these notes.  We’ll have a brief quiz on the gods and goddesses next week so use this info as a resource for now!  Thanks!


DOWNLOADSocial Studies Chapter 8 Lesson 2 Notes   (this is a copy of the notes that we worked on in class and that the kids took on their own the other day…just a more complete copy for their notebooks)

DOWNLOAD: GodsGoddessesNotes (Power Point)

Homework 4/25

None for this evening…we started Chapter 8, Lesson 2 in our history books today but we will finish it in class this week.  (I believe I posted this assignment a few days ago if kids wanted to get an early head start on the work).

We will likely have something short to do tomorrow evening.

So far testing seems to be going well…thank you again for all your hard work and support at home, without your assistance none of this would be possible!

Education Galaxy Update

So I’ve been browsing the data on the website and I’m proud to see that many of you are taking advantage of this site for the well-rounded academic tool that it is.  Some of you are doing a wonderful job so far earning those stars while others really need to try and step it up!  I’ll update the chart tomorrow so you can track your progress so you can earn those prizes!

So far I am using this data for a few different things as the website allows me to track information on all different types of concepts on both the personal student level and overall as a class.  I can see which areas students are struggling with and which we have already mastered so we can focus on the more immediate needs rather than ones we are already comfortable with.  I like the website because it is very direct and specific, it tells you what you need to work on, how to improve your scores, things of that nature.  It’s a useful tool for me as a teacher and hopefully a useful website for practice in the weeks ahead.

Thanks, and remember, keep shooting for the stars!  Remember, the biggest obstacle many of us will face between success and failure is ourselves!

Homework 4/21

Education Galaxy, keep earning your stars!

Social Studies– see yesterday’s post if you want to get a head start on Chapter 8, Lesson 2


PARCC Practice links below for Math and Language Arts

PARCC Testing begins Monday so please S-T-U-D-Y and PRACTICE!





I’ll also post a few different links to different Math and Language Arts practice pages that cover all the concepts that will be on the test.

Lumos Learning website links below, you will have to log in to access the resources posted below…

  • USERNAME: lyrix4@gmail.com
  • PASSWORD: Marvin5859

http://www.lumoslearning.com/llwp/resources/common-core-parcc-math-english-worksheets.html (this is the primary website hub for all grades,click on the 5th grade Math or ELA Download Worksheet links and it will bring you to the pages below…)

http://www.lumoslearning.com/llwp/resources/free-math-english-worksheets/sample-worksheets.html?cur=1118 (Math, summative reviews at the top, individual concepts as you scroll down)


http://www.lumoslearning.com/llwp/resources/free-math-english-worksheets/sample-worksheets.html?cur=1114 (Language Arts, same as above, summative reviews at the top, individual concepts as you scroll down)


Other Resource Links below…


Finally, this link below allows you to take the actual NY version of the PARCC Exam from last year…just click 5th grade and click on Computer Based Unit 1, 2, 3, or 4.  The only stipulation is that I believe it only works with the Firefox browser…


Lastly, I posted stuff from Khan Academy a few posts back on how to divide by decimals, etc., and so there’s plenty of PARCC practice resouces on the blog that you can look over this weekend.  I truly believe that my kids are ready so long as they prepare, but that is just as much on them as it is on me.  Just relax, do your best, and the scores will take care of themselves.

Thanks again and enjoy your weekend!



Homework 4/20

Sorry about the late update, I was having some trouble w/ the Word Press website…

Continue working on Education Galaxy earning/collecting those stars for prizes!  We will continue with our PARCC Practice w/ Language Arts and Math tomorrow but I’m also expecting students to take advantage of the links I’ve been posting on the blog so they can get some extra practice at home.

Writing- we will begin our Mystery reading/writing unit next week once the PARCC review is out of the way…I have lots of wonderful and engaging ideas ready to go so this should be a fun experience for the whole class, especially since our Project Lead program is likely going to have our kids present a mock trial down at the Newark Court House some time in late May.  We will also do some work w/ fantasy reading/writing as well before the year is out.

Reading– complete the Spelling packet from the other day


Math– Common Core Workbook pgs. 84-85


History– Tales from the Odyssey assignment w/ the 2 Response Corner questions in complete sentences (same assignment from Tuesday)



The following assignment is due on Tuesday.  I didn’t assign this work yet because we didn’t cover the material yet but we will during class tomorrow if you want to get a head start.

Chapter 8, Lesson 2: Early Civilization in Greece (discusses the Minoans and Mycenaeans), pgs. 278-284

First, please make sure that your paper is properly labeled- each section should be clearly separated: Vocab, Notes, and Review Questions w/ lines skipped in between so it’s easier to read.

  • Copy down the 7 vocabulary words w/ complete definitions in proper context so that you understand how the words relate to the material
  • 15 notes minimum on the 5 purple sections from Lesson 2, please make sure that you explain why the particular notes you chose are important to the lesson and important for understanding the overall objectives detailed in Lesson 2
  • Review questions 1, 3, 4, and 6 on pg. 285
  • Tomorrow before the end of the day I will also distribute the accompanying workbook page for the section for students to bring home…I’ll also scan a copy and upload it to the blog.  (workbook page 79)

Again, much of the material going forward will be done via Web Quests so some material will overlap w/ the book and some I will simply supplement during class discussion.  We will cover a lot of ground on Greece this quarter and so I feel the online resources are a good way for student’s do that more at their own pace and on their own time.

Any questions just let me know…thanks!