Homework 1/29/16

Reading– 50 minutes of Reading, fill out your Reading Log and complete a short summary for full credit.

Take at least 5 (or more if you have them) of the difficult words that you came across during independent reading time in class today, define them, and finally use each of the words in a complete sentence.  This will help us with both spelling but also reading for understanding.  Keep an eye out for different prefixes and suffixes and if you get lost, consult your notes on both concepts.  This information should be written in your Reading Notebook in the same section as where you put your Mystery Word list and short story from last night.

These words will then be used during our weekly Spelling Quizzes/Review which will begin this Friday.


Writing– complete the following prompt in your Writer’s Notebook below…

“Someone in the class has been stealing money from Mr. Cookie’s wallet.  Remember, Mr. Cookie gets to work at 7:30 AM.  He works during lunch and she stays until 6:30 PM coaching the boys basketball team.”  Think of a 1-2 page story from beginning to end to catch the culprit/thief.  Try and use our mystery vocabulary terms to help guide your thought process.


Both the Reader and Writer’s Notebooks will be checked periodically as we move ahead with the Mystery Unit.  


Math– 5B workbook pages 101-104.  If there are any questions that you cannot answer because you are without a protractor, do as much as you can.



BULLETIN: If you would like to purchase a candy bar(s) from Jazmine Sawyer to help support local schools, bring in $2 per bar starting next week.  Thanks!


Homework 1/28/16

Marking Period 2 is over today!


Reading– read for 50 minutes, complete your Reading Log w/ summary for full credit

Complete the double-sided prefixes worksheet.

Students should now have a Reader’s Notebook with all the notes and information we cover in class in one spot.  This notebook will be checked and graded in terms of completion and organization (and potentially other areas)..


Writing– finish writing your mystery definitions in your Reader’s Notebook and then begin your 1-2 page mystery short story.  This should be a warm-up story using 5-6 terms from our new list that was provided and worked on in class (detective, evidence, alibi, red herring, clues, suspect, etc.)


Math– 5B Textbook pgs. 158-162, Chapter 12-1: Angles

If you don’t have a protractor, complete the rest of the problems (find a protractor over the weekend so we can begin w/ Chapter 12 at full speed on Monday of next week).

This section has notes that cover the information we will discuss further in the weeks ahead so don’t worry too much if you are having trouble, just use the notes as a guide.


Homework 1/27

Math- 5B Textbook pages 83-84 (Chapter Review)

The Math Midterm grades will be shifted into a different category (specifically under Midterm).  The % weight of the exam is considerably lower than a Test, something around 10%, so a poor grade shouldn’t impact the overall score that much.

We will begin class fresh tomorrow with lessons in all of our core subjects.  We took the History Midterm today and so there wasn’t time today to get anything else done.

Hope everyone was safe this weekend and getting home.  Any questions just ask, thanks!

Homework 1/22/16

Social Studies Midterm on Monday!  

I’m shooting for about 15-20 vocabulary, 15 or so short answers, and a handful of multiple choice.  I’m still editing it down and changing the style of questioning but I can say that it will not be more than 50 questions and likely will be less.


Math– Common Core Math Workbook pgs. 86-88, take-home Math Quiz, this covers all the material through Chapter 9, dividing and estimating decimals are something we have done previously.

Reading– 50 minutes, fill out your Reading Log in your Reader’s notebook and complete a short summary for full credit.


Always Changing and Growing Up Workshop

Permission Slip for January 27th in-school workshop on behavior and social skills.  I forgot to hand this out at the end of the day so here is a copy.  If you prefer to wait until school on Monday to bring it in that is fine as well.  Thanks!

Always Changing and Growing Up Workshop Permission Slip


Homework 1/21/16

Science Midterm tomorrow…PLEASE STUDY!


Math– Common Core Math workbook pgs. 86-88 will be a take home Quiz

This assignment is due on MONDAY, so please don’t worry about it this evening.


Reading- read for 50 minutes, complete your Reading Logs and summaries for full credit.

Homework 1/20/16

Science Midterm Friday!

Social Studies Midterm Monday!


Note to Parents– Miss Airall will be coming in soon to conduct a bullying/social skills workshop with both 5th grade classes.  Mrs. LaBerth will also be working with students to try and get a grip on their self-control and how everyone in class is treated.  “Nobody is better than you and you are better than nobody.”  Every child deserves the right to have a safe place to learn throughout the day and so hopefully after the workshop we will start to see a more consistent change in student attitudes.  Any questions or concerns just let me know, thanks!


Social Studies– complete the NUMBERED questions (1 through 8 or 9, the last question is about Hammurabi’s Code).  Write the answers on a separate sheet of paper!

Remember, this is a form of studying called “learning by doing.”  To avoid the lack of preparedness and emotional displays that we saw today, please put in the work!  I am taking the questions directly from the four sets of notes so if you do the work now you should be all set for Monday!

If we an get through our review tomorrow we will work on our Map Making Activity (finally!)


Science– complete the review questions for Chapters 5-6 on a separate sheet of paper.  The same information above applies here as well.


Reading– read for 50 minutes as LOGS WILL BE CHECKED TOMORROW, write a short summary for full credit.

We will continue with our Mystery theme by working on the Fingerprint Detective Activity tomorrow in class.

1/19 Homework

Tonight’s Homework is simply to study for the Math Midterm

I handed out a practice sheet for Homework tonight that I will scan and post here.  The problems/concepts on the sheet will likely show up on tomorrow’s exam.

DOWNLOAD: Math Midterm Practice



After some discussion, we have moved the Science midterm back to Friday and the Social Studies midterm to Monday.  These subjects are both more information-heavy than math and so I thought it best to give the kids some extra time to study and prepare, especially since this is their first go-round with midterms.

Science– 1/22

Social Studies– 1/25

Gradebook Updated

Grades updated, still need to add the most recent Math Test and some late writing work.  The Winter Packets will be graded this week as well.

For History we should have at least 1 but hopefully two more major grades to put up.

For Math, I would like at least one more Quiz and Test, if not 2 Quizzes.

For Writing and Reading I will try and incorporate an editing Quiz and some other form of assessment before grades are due on February 3rd.

Any questions just let me know.   Thanks as always for your patience.