Math- Common Core Math Workbook pgs. 14-19, use the first few pages as your notes/resource to help you answer the rest of the questions.


Reading/Social Studies complete the fourth double-sided Greek Mythology worksheet for this quarter and answer the problems in complete sentences when able to.  I believe this one talks about Icarus and Daedalus and the title of the second story is about the Most Beautiful Woman in the World  (I wasn’t in today so don’t quote me on that exactly, I’m pretty sure that is correct, though).

I have a handful of other short mystery stories that we’ll be reading together in class and for homework as well (just like the other evening) so this is one concept that we can approach from so many different angles.

I also have an activity that plays out somewhat like a ‘murder mystery’ that you would see at a dinner party or some other type of formal event; each student in their group of 7 plays a role and they must use the descriptions of their character and clues to help them figure out the suspects and ultimately the culprit!  There’s a handful of other things I’d like to get done project-wise as well, but well see where the time takes us. (make replica Greek shields, mini-Trojan horses, experiments w/ DNA and how to lift fingerprints, etc.

  • Groups in both 5S and 5C still working on their maps have until Monday to complete them.  If not finished by Monday, both your group and map grades will be no higher than a C and likely lower depending on how much you actually got done together.  This project has gone on way too long and I have extended far too many opportunities for you to complete this task only for you to ignore the work in favor of watching movies or doing whatever else.  Monday, latest, that’s it!


Writing– keep working on your non-fiction mystery story using the Cube to help you plan and organize your thoughts (minimum 5+ paragraphs).  Remember, since these are real life unsolved mysteries (the list of topics you chose yesterday is posted below) much of the work is already done for you such as who are the detectives, what are some clues, potential suspects, etc.

Your primary job is to come up with an interesting conclusion, explain what YOU think may have happened based on the evidence.  Working piece by piece on composing mystery stories is the best way to approach this as more often than not, students randomly throw things together that are not connected in any way and so working through these lessons step by step makes the most sense.



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